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 3'x 8' 12ga 105lbs each
 3'x8' 14 ga 77.20 lbs each
 4'x 8' 10ga 180lbs each
 4'x 8' 7ga 240lbs each
 4'x10' 10ga 225lbs each
 4'x10' 11ga 200lbs each
 4'x10' 12ga 175lbs each
 4'x10' 14ga 125lbs each
 4'x10' 16ga 100lbs each
 4'x10' 16ga CR 100 lbs each
 4'x10' 18ga 80lbs each
 4'x10' 7ga 300lbs each
 4'x12' 11 ga 240 lbs each
 4'x12' 12ga 210lbs each
 4'x12' 14ga 150lbs each
 4'x12' 7 ga 360 lbs each
 4'x8' 11ga 160lbs each  5'x10' 12ga 218.8lbs each  6'x10' 10ga 338lbs each
 4'x8' 12ga 140lbs each  5'x10' 14ga 156.3lbs each  6'x10' 12ga 262.5lbs each
 4'x8' 14ga 100lbs each  5'x10' 14ga temp 156.3lb  6'x10' 7ga 450lbs each
 4'x8' 16ga 80lbs each  5'x10' 16ga 125lbs each  6'x12' 10ga 406 lbs each
 4'x8' 20ga 48lbs each  5'x10' 7ga 375lbs each  6'x12' 11 ga. 360 lbs each
 4x10 20 paint lock-66.30  5'x12' 10ga 337.5lbs each  6'x12' 12ga 315lbs each
 4x10 24 ga. paint lock  5'x12' 11ga 300lbs each  6'x12' 7ga 540lbs each
 5'x 8' 12ga 175lbs each  5'x12' 14ga 188lbs each  6'x452" 10ga 1271lb each
 5'x 8' 16ga 100lbs each  5'x8' 14 ga 125 lbs each  6'x452"x3/16 1731lb each
 5'x10' 10ga 281lbs each  5x8 7 ga 300lb each  60"x112" 14ga 145.84lbs each
 5'x10' 11 ga. P&O 250 lb each  6'x 8' 12ga 210lbs each  6x10 11ga 300lbs each
 5'x10' 11ga 250lbs each  6'x10' 10 ga temp 338lb each