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  3'x8' 12ga 108.8lbs
  3'x8' 24ga 27.71lbs
  3'x8' 26 gal 21.8lbs
  3'x8' 28ga 18.71lbs
  36"x96" 30ga 15.81lbs
  4'x 8' 22ga 45lbs
  4'x10' 12ga 181.24lbs
  4'x10' 14ga 131.31lbs
  4'x10' 16ga 106.25lbs
  4'x10' 18ga 87.08lbs
  4'x10' 20ga 66.25lbs
  4'x10' 22ga 56.24lbs
  4'x10' 24ga 46.24lbs
  4'x10' 26ga 36.31lbs
  5'x10' 12ga 230.83lbs
  5'x10' 14ga 164.24lbs
  5'x10' 16ga 132.81lbs
  5'x10' 20ga 82.81lbs
  5'x10' 22 ga.70.30lbs
  5'x10' 24 ga. 57.80lbs
  5' 16 ga. -G-90
  5' 24 ga.G-90
  5' 26 ga.-G-90
  5 '22 ga. G-90